What we do

Sunu Agro invests in communities by maximizing their available agricultural potential, agribusiness and related infrastructures.

Through our investment into Sustainable Land Management (SLM) efficient water management systems and infrastructure we have been able to turn land suffering from dry land and salinity degradation which was lying idle into valuable productive farming land. Impacting on the local communities generating local, national and global benefits including: restoration of degraded lands, carbon sequestration and climate change adaptation and mitigation, protection of international waters, agro-biodiversity conservation and sustainable use and improved agricultural production, leading to increased food security and improved rural livelihoods.

Our vision is to create world class farming operations and integrated business across the agricultural value chain, to leave a legacy of responsible commercial agricultural practices in the region. Our target markets include Guinee (Conakry) The Gambia, Guinee Bissau and Senegal.

Our strategy is to assemble and cultivate primary production hubs and to establish service businesses that connect with our primary production sites, hence achieving economies of scale and associated operational efficiencies. By diversifying along the whole agricultural value chain we believe we can create synergies across our portfolios of investments, from primary production to processing and distribution, maximizing margins and buffering commodity price fluctuations.

Our principles, much like any organization's mission and vision, are not regulations or standards. They are a set of ideals - goals for the entire company, as we collectively seek to grow and add value to our portfolio our environment and the communities in which we operate. Our objective is to ensure that the future will encourage new research and innovation; in sustainable, holistic farming practices, incorporate sound science and knowledge based on credible, transparent data; create mechanisms for continual assessment and improvement; which will provide the opportunity for much improved yields.

Sunu Agro brings together proprietary research and local sourcing with thorough, centralized investment evaluation and control. Our influential relationships and experience in Africa provides us with exceptional access in the regions where we operate, we partner with an extensive network of talented local operating entrepreneurs, accounting and legal professionals, enabling us to source unique opportunities.

We have the ability to source off –market opportunities through regional advisors and staff on the ground in our markets. We believe that our experienced management team is a powerful and unique asset that allows us to operate with local coverage at a very high level and stay ahead of the market trends.


Sunu Agro offers tailored, specialist consulting and management services in the regions of our operation, drawing on a team of professionals with broad experience and a tested investment methodology. The distinctive Sunu approach includes strong government support, unique relationships with local operating and financing partners, an established regional network of structuring, tax, and legal experts, a proven system to actively manage projects, and existing operations on the ground.

Training and Community

Sunu Agro has been working on a joint initiative with Government ministries along with involvement from the United Nations in regard to training of youths in sustainable, holistic, organic farming best practice methods. This initiative is now being rolled out over 30 farms. Wherever possible assisting local farmers situated around our areas of operation, by offering access to capital equipment such as tractors, which are so desperately required. Sunu installed a 3km pipe connecting 7 villages to the fresh water supply enabling the villagers to have access to water for drinking, washing and cooking.Previously the women from the village had to fill 25 ltr plastic containers and transport the water by donkey and cart.

Future plans include the installation of solar panels on the local community hall and the construction of a health centre suplying basic medicines to the locals. 

Sunu Agro works closely with local NGO’s particularly with Green Senegal towards a partnership for training and employing more women in agricultural activities in Senegal.

We encourage the opening of personal bank accounts for all permanent employees.

There is a community based approach to developing agricultural potential, long term investment prospects by expanding the local market which can increase the community’s ability to attract investment, with focus on sustainable contributions to expanding the commercial agricultural sector while making a positive social impact.

Sunu Agro understands the importance of rural tele-centres to local communities; these centers tend also to function as a social gathering venue for entertainment, market information for their household agricultural and other products and information on employment opportunities.

Our long term goal is to impact all areas of the community we work within from healthcare to education, down to initiatives such as a local football league, providing a football pitch and strips for the competing teams.

Sunu Agro believes that a sustainable investment for foreign capital must address and serve the local community and markets.