Our People

Dean Jobling

Founder and CEO: Dean has over 14 years experience in the agricultural sector for market entries in West Africa. Working in a number of countries, Dean assisted a number of companies with their preliminary due diligence in West Africa.
Having managed a project with NGOs' and the Government of Senegal youth training department. Training over 100 young people on a number of farms in Senegal ranging in size from 10 hectares to 300, the crops grown were for subsistance comsumption and for sale into the local market.
Dean previously owned and managed a manufacturing glassware company, building up annual sales in excess of $3m employing 50+ staff supplying major high street retailers in the UK and abroad.   

Dr Abdel Kader Seye (PhD)

Chief Operations Officer-Kader has over 14 years’ experience in plant genetics and tissue culture. Kader began his career as a pharmacist having attained a Doctorate in pharmacy from the University of Cheikh Anta Diop Dakar. Kader turned his pharmacy skills to agriculture creating Apotech a company dedicated to improving plant genetics through selective breeding processes and tissue culture. Kader had established a number of small-medium sized farms before joining Sunu Agro S.A in 2009 as chief operations officer. Kader has a wealth of experience in land acquisition process in West Africa having worked in Mali, Guinee and The Gambia acquiring land for building, agriculture and aquaculture projects. He has also accumulated knowledge of geographic specific climatic and pedology conditions in Senegal.

Martin Prechner

Chief Financial Officer: Martin is a UK qualified Charted Accountant, having over 30 years' experiance in audit, consulting, financial management, investment and corporate finance. Previously Martin worked as a Senior Manager with KPMG in Paris and acted as consultant and project manager to MNC clients such as; Monatgue Private Equity, AXA Insurance, Fitch and others.

Since 2005 he has specialised in the real estate sector; developing a property portfolio of over $150m 

Guy Wilkinson

Project manager: Guy has over 20 years project managment experience in business change and systems development, managing project teams of over 100 staff and budgetry responsibility of up to $25m. Guy has worked in supply chain management, leading a team at the National Health Blood Division to re-engineer blood collecting processes which resulted in 13% improvement in productivity.

Guy has overseen the design, developement and implmentation of a number of property systems for Land SEcurities Group, Prudential Insurance (Property Division) and Credit Suisse. 

Gorgamack Diop

Gorgamack is Chief of Agronomy at Sunu, he studied at Delafosse National College of Technical Agriculture, and has over 30 years’ experience of running large scale farming operations in West Africa mostly in Senegal. He joined Sunu from ISRA (Institute for Scientific Research in Agriculture) where he was head of department in Boulel. Gorgamack also spent time in the laboratory of Mycotoxology in Kaolack.
Beginning his work life in Kedougou (South East Senegal) as plant health controller on a major sweet potato farm, Gorgamack was responsible not only for increasing yield through good plant health but also for training a workforce of over 400 in plant health management. Gorgamack also spent a number of years with Bureau Veritas assessing and inspecting agricultural products for overseas clients.
He has extensive knowledge of land clearance, earth moving, irrigation (drip, sprinkler and flood). He has farmed Maize (corn) Onion, Sweet Potato, Tomato, Cucumber, Okra, Carrot, Banana, Citrus Fruits, Mango, Asparagus, Pimente etc on a commercial basis. He has also accumulated experience in the execution of a diverse range of agribusinesses that span produce storage facilities, the manufacture of organic fertilizer, organic insecticide, organizing group procurement of supplies, marketing and distribution of produce, nationally and for export. He has also advised banks on risk assessment with regard to lending for agricultural activities within the SME sector.
Gorgamack is a frequent speaker on topics related to holistic, sustainable low aqua farming methods and has presented at seminars internationally.

Alseny Camara (PhD Agronomy) Tunisia

Alseny is Director of agronomy and joins Sunu from the Ministry of Agriculture; Alseny has an enviable track record in project management using sustainable farming techniques. 
Studying agronomy in China and in Tunisia attaining a PhD in agronomy in Tunisia, he has experience of working in all areas of West Africa, and speaks six languages including Mandarin. Alseny has managed a number of large agricultural projects including Maize, Onion, Palm, Pineapple, Orange and Cashew to name but a few.




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